We are an association of highly skilled martial arts and healing arts instructors dedicated to promoting the positive use of earth-based energy known as Moto-Ki. Our board of directors is comprised of master-level practitioners with black belts of 4th degree and higher, balanced with experience in healing arts exceeding 10 years.

Our charter is to train, certify, and support businesses and organizations augmenting their offerings with the strength of Moto-Ki methods. They, in turn, work with their local communities to help bring balance to energy-based practices.

In the martial arts community, the goal is to work with the instructors to supplement the training without changing their art form. Each school has its unique culture and methods, and we honor their diversity.

For the healing art instructor and practitioner, we invite them to focus on the practical applications of power-based energy methods. By blending these together with their current skills, they significantly increase their ability to assess and treat their clients, while providing themselves a much safer experience.

General practitioners of Metaphysics find that the earth-based philosophies augment their training methods by providing a practical link to real-world results. This ranges from basic techniques of reading and manipulating energy to the spiritual concepts of manifesting positive outcomes.