Working With Earth-Based Energy

Anyone familiar with the different healing modalities available today has come to know Reiki, literally translated as "Universal Energy." It is believed that everything is made up of energy. The practice of directing ethereal-based (spiritual) energy by using your own energy and intent can result in finding equilibrium and improved health.

Ancient practices in directing energy were more earth-based, and considered power-forms. They were far from subtle, and with the proper direction could affect significant change in others. In combat, the results were significant, and deadly. In the healing arts they were direct and extremely beneficial, assuming their invasive nature was balanced with strong ethics or divine guidance.

Some of these practices are still found today as shadow-images of their long-lost ancestors. There are pieces within different religious practices, older martial arts, and pagan healing techniques. Some are even displayed as a "magic act" of sorts (see the YouTube video on The Odic Force).

Moto-Ki is a more modern form of the ancient practices. The literal translation of "Moto" is "base", "foundation", "the cause", or "origin". Moto-Ki is the art of using a strong connection to ground to bring up powerful earth energy and project it. Originally it was feared to be too powerful. Once it was blended with universal energy practices the added spiritual connection provided a stronger level of safety and ethical behavior.

The experiences of learning Moto-Ki are quite different from those of the softer arts. Ethereal practices are more spiritual to start, and gently approach the practical application over time, eventually providing a physical experience of the result. Earth-based energy flow starts with a very physical connection, immediate and direct. Introduced initially through [non-combative] martial practices, students see the effects as strong, tangible, and undeniable. From there they work "upward", blending it with more universal/spiritual energy.

The process of learning Moto-Ki is also quite different. The ability to ground and then perceive and direct energy is an innate skill. You were born with it. You will not be told how. You will be prompted to remember.

Those who embrace a more scientific view of reality find this to be a more comfortable initiation into the world of energy work. At the same time, experts in ethereal energy forms (Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Touch) find that anchoring their current abilities to earth greatly intensify their effect (see article on International House Of Reiki website).

The universe is all about balance. How can you have an "up" without a "down", the sky without the earth, the world of energy without the world of matter?

For the skilled martial artist, come work with us and find a level of power you have never seen before. Use Moto-Ki as an effective way to assist students by providing a deeper meaning to each of their skills. And if you've been training for a very long time, and feeling you may have hit a wall in your education, we can show you a new way of breathing life back into your practice. We can take you back to the origins of your art, where the energy-side was more commonly used.


Moto-Ki Instruction

As you seek out an instructor or mentor to guide you, please remember that all energy-based arts are learned experientially. Simply being in the presence of a master practicing at a high level will bring your skills to the surface. The stronger the master, the more quickly you will progress.

A Moto-Ki instructor is capable of providing advanced training in the use of earth-based energy. They can provoke a more grounded state within the student, assist them in directing and focusing powerful forms of energy flow, get them in touch with their innate abilities to perceive energy in others (assess injuries/illness, determine threat, see connections with others in great detail, etc.), and even set intentions into environments, objects, and water.

In addition to performing and teaching the skills of Moto-Ki in the Moto-Ki training style, they are also well trained in reading and managing the energy of groups. This is necessary to ensure safe space and avoid injuries. During a session, they can easily determine if any student is about to take a skill to an undesirable outcome and intervene immediately.

Master-Level Instructors bring additional skills to the training sessions, raising it to a higher level. This includes the ability to project shattering energy, a useful tool in both martial arts as well as clearing energetically distressed property. Other skills include expanding and contracting auras as well as co-experiencing reality through advanced ethereal shifting (where two people share consciousness).